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Farspread plans

Farspread is a Dutch based company, so prices are in Euro.
The plans are based on the concept "if it is good for you it is good for us".
You can simply sign up for free, and contact us later for one of our plans or services below;

Farspread plans;

1. Free
Free first 25 links and 15 page hits/day, list 50 unsorted links

2. Lite
29 Euro first 50 links and 25 page hits/day, list 200 sorted links

3. Typical
49 Euro first 100 links and 50 page hits/day, list 400 sorted links

4. Xl
79 Euro first 300 links and 100 page hits/day, list 1200 sorted links, over max. 9 pages

As you see this is not a full free service,
and we cant do that if we want to keep our quality service up.
After signing up and using a free account, you are always able to upgrade.

With page hits/day we mean how much your link page is being accessed per day,
the first .. links means the number of links you have on your link page,
list .. links means the number of possible link partners we provide for you to contact.
Sorted means we sorted the list to provide you with link partners of the highest possible link quality

See also our "services" page.