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Farspread services

1. Setup links page
The basic setup fee for a links page is 29 Euro, more work is 50 Euro per hour.

2. Promotion
We do all the link requests, you can follow the progress real time, 250 Euro per list of 200 web sites.

3. Internet strategy.
What are you doing on the Internet?
Let us analyze your business,
and make your presence on the web more effective.
Maybe we can see more opportunities for your business on the Internet!

4. Keyword analysis.
We look at your business, and make a keyword analysis.
This results an a comprehensive list of keywords,
describing your chances getting traffic from search engines using natural optimization,
and where one should reside in a pay per click campaign.
For this we have to make an offer depending your wishes.

5. Site Optimizing.
Optimizing your site is about getting the best search engine position possible,
for a set of inbound links and a selection of keywords.
It highly depends of your current site if we have to recode everything in HTML.
For this we have to make an offer depending your wishes.